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Skyhooks will reduce the risks of trip hazards making the site a safer place of work. They are for hanging cables out of the way during construction. Skyhooks will prevent risk of electrocution through cable damage.


Skyhooks have been made out of a non-conductive material. This reduces the risk of electrocution through damaged cables. The support was designed in yellow for high visibility. Skyhook cable support is a valuable product that will eliminate damage to power leads. And above this, will reduce the risks of trip hazards making the site a safer place of work.

Skyhooks are to be used as a temporary support. You are able to hook it over items such as floor joists or ceiling grids. In addition, the use of the fixing hole in the top of the support so that it can be screwed upwards i.e. into a concrete ceiling. Finally, if there is nowhere to hang the support or you are unable to get a fixing overhead, the support can be fixed through the side hole enabling the cables to be supported whilst being kept off the floor and because the support has a twist in the lower half of it, the cables can be easily attached.

The recommended spacing for temporary cable supports is 2m for a single lead and then reduce spacing for multiple leads and heavy duty leads. The support has been designed to take a maximum weight of 5kg. Skyhook support should only be used as per the instructions. Tri-Shield Ltd will take no responsibility for any misuse of their product, the cable support system.

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