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Carpet Protection Film FR


Our FR Carpet Film is compliant with commercial fire regulations, and comes in a convenient reverse-wound format. The adhesive is on the outside of the roll, which allows extremely fast application over large areas.

Available in 3 different widths – 600mm, 800mm and 1200mm


Tri-Shield FR Carpet Film is compliant with commercial fire regulations. It comes in a convenient reverse-wound roll. This allows for quick, easy to roll out coverage over large surface areas. FR carpet film offers resistance to foot traffic on site, and will protect carpets for the required duration. Please, however, ensure that the material is lifted and replaced in 4 weekly cycles.

FR Carpet Film be used at home, on site, and for any reason that a carpet would need covered. It is easy extremely to apply, due to it being reverse wound, so the adhesive is on the outside of the roll.  Because of the reverse wound properties, it can cover extremely large areas in a short space of time. Fast coverage is one of the many reasons carpet film has become an extremely popular product for use during construction, or indeed, DIY projects.

For maximum puncture resistance and the ability to withstand high levels of footfall, check out our Heavy Duty Carpet Film protection.

This product is suitable for use with long pile and wool carpets. Please ensure the surface is clean, dry, and all adhesives have set before applying.

The core, and film, are both fully recyclable once used. Please dispose of responsibly.

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600mm x 100m, 800mm x 100M, 1200mm x 100M

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