stair protection guide

Stair Protection Guide

Stair Protection Guide

The Tri-Shield Stair Protection Guide has been designed to help avoid costly damages and repairs to staircases and their individual components.

Stairwells are an asset which are extremely prone to damage. This is the case in new builds as well as home improvement projects. Foot traffic is high, and goods being carried between floors result in damages to handrails, newell posts as well as steps. There are different ways to protect stairs and the components which make up a staircase.

The use of products which withstand high impact, to protect an already-installed staircase is one approach. The installation of a temporary system in place of a staircase, prior to permanent installation is another.

Read on for examples of products that will protect your staircase from costly and avoidable damages, as well as keeping workers safe:

Rigid Stair Nosing Protectors

stair protector

Rigid stair protectors offer substantial covering of exposed stair nosings. They protect against high levels of impact and significant foot traffic.

A 100% recycled UPVC product which also has a slight flex and is therefore less susceptible to breaking on impact during cold weather, as well as being simple to fix in place.

This product is 750mm wide, and 205mm deep with 30mm of nosing protection to cover the edge of the step. Bespoke widths are available, enquire within for terms and conditions, as well as application advice.

This item can be applied using Double Sided High/Low Tape, in addition to being mechanically fixed. An extremely popular product, suitable for re-use.

Ram Board Stair Armour (Pack of 6)

Ram Board Stair Armour: Introducing the industry’s first paperboard stair protection product. Made with heavy-duty Ram Board, adjustable tread sizing, bull-nose protection, and Spill Guard™ Technology, Stair Armor™ is the absolute end-all of stair protection.

Ram Board Stair Armour, is a fully recycled, and recyclable stair protection system.

Secure to steps using Ram Board Edge Tape.

Blue U Profile Foam and Yellow Circular Foam Protection (Handrail Protection)

Yellow Circular and Blue U-Profile Foams are specially manufactured to grip handrails. This material is fully recyclable. It can also be heavily re-used, due to it’s robust composition.

Known for its versatility, handrail foam protection is applicable to a number of different handrail widths and shapes.

Foam protection is another extremely popular item on the majority of construction projects. It is easy to cut, in addition to being high in impact resistance.

Use yellow foam for circular handrail protection, and blue handrail foams for square, or larger handrails.

Red Circular Foam Protection (For Newell Posts)

Red Circular Foam Protection specially manufactured to grip and wrap around newell posts.

Like the foam products already mentioned, it offers a high level of impact protection, in addition to being pre-slit for ease of application.

Simply cut into shape and snap into place.

Extremely easy to fit, as well as being a cost effective method of protecting.

Stair Protection Films

Hard Surface Floor

If your staircase is carpeted, or has a hardwood, laminate or vinyl floor, Tri-Shield’s range of protection films are an option. Simply roll out, and replace in 4 weekly cycles. These options are suitable for foot traffic, as well as dirt & debris. Additional protection with a product such as stair armour or stair treads are appropriate for protection against impact damage in addition to the above.

Hard Surface Film – Suitable on Hardwood, laminate or vinyl.

Carpet Film – Suitable for use on carpets only.

Temporary Handrail Set and Handrail Safety Posts

temporary posts, temporary handrail set

With the use of this system, you will remove the potential for damage to your bannister, as it replaces the need for it to be on site. The Tri-Shield Temporary Handrail System runs up the staircase and allows safe movement between floors during construction works. In addition, this is a key product for house builders within this stair protection guide.

Re-use multiple times across plots. Designed for use with Handrail Safety Posts (sold separately).

Temporary Handrail set has a hi-visibility yellow finish, for optimum HSE compliance. Made high quality powder coat, in addition to premium welding, this system is built to last and be seen.

One staircase usually requires:

1 x Temporary Handrail Set (2 x Long Pieces, 1 x Short Piece)

4 x Standard Posts (Sold Separately)

2 x Corner Posts (Sold Separately)

Handrail Set

Contact us with any queries you have on the above products, or call the branch today on 01698 377301 to discuss anything from this stair protection guide! We are on hand to offer technical and application advice on all of these products, as well as our wider range.

Thanks for reading.