Ram Board Tri-Shield

Tri-Shield are Ram Board Stockists!

Tri-Shield are Ram Board Stockists!

Tri-Shield are Ram Board stockists! We are now carrying the product complete with our company logo. Ram Board are a leading brand in their field, whose popular recycled floor protection rolls are extremely robust, and also provide an exceptionally high level of impact protection. The Ram Board range doesn’t finish there; Tri-Shield are holding in stock various Ram Board materials for the protection of stairs, door frames and tapes for application of these products.

Now added to the range is a 90 day edge tape, which allows the user to anchor down Ram Board for 90 days with guaranteed clean removal, and no residue left behind. Use Ram Board Seam Tape to joint the product, and Ram Board also comes with perforated fold lines, allowing the user to protect the base of the wall as well.

Ram Board is a fully recycled, recyclable and reusable solution, in addition to being a premium protection product suitable for use on both commercial and domestic projects.

Ram Board is non-staining and utilizes Vapor-Cure™ technology allowing for the proper curing of new floors on construction projects; as well as exclusive Spill Guard™ technology which provides added protection against water, paint, mud, and more.

The RAM Board range we currently hold consists of:

In the meantime, contact us for bulk discount requests on this product. We can deliver full pallets of Ram Board direct to your project, as well as any other product with the Tri-Shield range.