Q1_Floor Pro Board

Q1® Floor ProBoard – In Stock Now!

Q1® Floor ProBoard – In Stock Now!

Q1® Floor Pro Board is a reusable paper which provides a durable temporary floor protection for painting and renovation projects.

Compared to traditional floor protection boards, this masking paper is characterised by a longer length and lighter weight which make it very easy to use and reposition during masking operations:

  • Prevents paint spills, moisture and liquids getting-through
  • Easy-to-use and reusable product
  • Longer and lighter compared to traditional floor boards
  • 100% recycled and biodegradable paper

Q1® Floor ProBoard

At less than £30 / roll, it really doesn’t break the bank, and is lightweight enough to carry to and from projects. It is now in stock, and available for next day delivery, nationwide to anywhere in the UK!

Q1® Floor Pro Board is made of 100% recycled and biodegradable paper which protects any surfaces from paint spills and blocks moisture and liquids to get through to the surface, offering superior performance even in wet conditions.

Q1® Floor ProBoard

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Materials across the range are available in standard as well as flame retardant. Our offering gives you peace of mind on large construction projects. It enables you to protect your site, in addition to staying within the confines of your insurance policy and keep all workers safe on the job.

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