External Site Protection

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In addition to the floor protection, window protection, door protection our customers regularly ask for, is the Tri-Shield external site protection offering. Tri-Shield have products available for all stages of a build, from when it comes out of the ground, all the way through to the finishing touches at handover stage. These products are particularly effective during winter months. Avoid product damages during adverse weather conditions.

Tri-Shield Mortar Tubs

Strong in their design, manufactured to meet the demands of heavy industry, in addition to general aggregate & materials transportation. Made from HD plastic, Tri-Shield mortar tubs are extremely durable, despite their sustainable composition. Suitable for reuse multiple times. One-piece mould manufacture, for optimum strength and product longevity. Contains recycled plastic as well as having a 250 litre capacity. Both topliftable and forkliftable.

Reusable Pallet Covers

Durable, waterproof, and come manufactured with eyelets which allow the cover to be sealed down. Protect assets such as plasterboard from adverse rainfall, and significantly reduce wastage being skipped on site.

Reuse multiple times over the life of a project; a sustainable option which offers a saving on reuse and waste reduction.

Brick Jackets

Brick Jacket

Protect your bricks and blocks against extreme weather conditions. This product is an all weather solution to keep brick stacks ready for installation. Prevent the freezing and soaking of bricks with Brick Jackets. This product is a high visibility yellow in finish, and prevents the bricks from moving or falling once stacked.

Brick Jackets are a sustainable solution due to being heavily reusable.

Caution Cover With Lid

This product alerts both plant traffic and pedestrians to the dangers of an exposed drain cover. In addition, it protects the drain cover itself from accidental damage.

Delivered in two parts:

600mm x 600mm Base

Caution Lid

Drain repairs are some of the most costly on site. Prevent the drain needing to be repaired, or even replaced. Alert pedestrians to the dangers of manholes on site. Snap the caution triangle into place on top of the drain cover. This offers additional visibility and alert to the hazard. Easy to fold and fix through the use of tab inserts and pre-cut holes. Use in conjunction with Hazard Warning Tape for the ultimate hazard alert solution. This product is extremely easy to install and hold in place with weight. Supplied flat packed for ease of transportation.

Eco-Pipe (Temporary Rainwater Downpipe)

external site protection

Eco-Pipe is otherwise known as temporary rainwater downpipe, gutter sleeve, or polythene lay-flat tubing. This product functions as a temporary downpipe before the permanent downpipe requires installation. Re-direct and control the flow of water to the ground from an existing guttering system, in addition to protecting existing building from water damage. Eco-Pipe is made from a 100% recycled polythene, in addition to being heavily reusable, and fully recyclable after use.

Eco-Pipe comes in a 250mm x 175M roll size for use on construction projects. Wastage is minimal due to the large roll quantity. Material is sold with no box to minimise excessive packaging. This also improves product sustainability.

Debris Netting

Debris Netting is durable, heavy duty plastic netting. Its main use is around the exterior of scaffolding. This is to protect pedestrians and traffic from falling debris. It also creates a wind barrier to allow safer working at height. Also suitable for use on heras fencing panels.In addition, this construction net allows air circulation. Considerably reduces rain and wind penetration. This improves the working environment for construction personnel.

Roll size = 2M x 50M

Product is available in blue, green and white. White debris netting is flame retardant.

Branded debris netting is also available. Get your company logo on display to enhance your corporate image. Bulk discounts available for large volume purchases.

Tri-Shield also stock HessianVented SheetingScaffold SheetingYellow Walkway Matting, Eco External Sill Protection and more external site protection products.

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