General questions

Any order placed before 4pm will be despatched for next day delivery.

You need to use hard surface film or window film as carpet film will be far too tacky and ruin the surface, leaving a residue and will prove very difficult to peel off.

Our low tack tape will be suitable for use on finished surfaces, but please remember to replace every two weeks. Our glass and hard surface films can be replaced four weekly, and due to their static properties and low tack adhesive, they are ideal for use on smooth. finished surfaces.

Films will not stick to dirty or dusty surfaces; please ensure the surface is wiped clean before applying.

Carpet film / window film / glass film shouldn’t be left in place for more than 4 weeks, and must be removed & replaced once it has been in situ for this long.

The type of protection you use can have many variable factors, such as cost of the asset being protected, the material it is made from, the conditions in which it is situated, if it is inside or outside, or perhaps if there been any glue or adhesive used in the application, and so forth.

All of our recyclable materials can be disposed of in your dry, mixed recycling skip or bin. Please ensure they are clean before doing so.

RAM Board and Tri-Breathe are the best internal solutions for this application. If you are allowing concrete to cure in an external setting, hessian is the product we would recommend.

Our orange cleaner, which comes in a 1LTR spray bottle, should remove any excess or residue left after incorrect application. See pack details for instructions for use.

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Haven't answered your questions?

We have offered advice on many different protection solutions in the past, and our experience allows us to assess your application over the phone or by email. So please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be able to respond to any queries you may have.