wet weather product guide

Wet Weather Product Guide

Struggling on site during adverse weather? Read on for information on products that may solve some of your headaches on site during periods of substantial rainfall.

Eco-Pipe – Temporary Rainwater Downpipe (250mm x 175M)

This product functions as a temporary downpipe before the permanent downpipe requires installation. Re-direct and control the flow of water to the ground from an existing guttering system, in addition to protecting the existing building / brickwork from water damage.

Eco-Pipe is manufactured from 100% recycled polythene and is fully reusable as well as being recyclable after use. This is the first 100% recycled temporary downpipe available – a Tri-Shield innovation!

Fix in place with cable ties or gaffer tape.

Reusable Pallet Covers (2440mm x 1220mm x 1220mm)

Durable, waterproof, and come manufactured with eyelets which allow the cover to be sealed down. Protect assets such as plasterboard from adverse rainfall, and significantly reduce wastage being skipped on site.

Reuse multiple times over the life of a project; a sustainable option which offers a saving on reuse and waste reduction.

Brick Jackets

Brick Jacket

Protect your bricks and blocks against extreme weather conditions. This product is an all-weather solution to keep brick stacks ready for installation. Heavily durable and waterproof, Brick Jackets also prevent blocks from moving or falling once stacked.

Available in a hi-visibility yellow finish to be seen by moving plant and foot traffic.



A versatile cover that can be used externally, and is weatherproof / rot proof, therefore allowing for use in adverse rain and outdoor conditions. Comes with eyelets for fastening in place and is manufactured with a UV filter to prolong life and durability.

Eco Polythene (4M x 25M)

Eco Polythene Black

 This product is a 100% recycled solution for all general-purpose covering requirements. Suitable for protecting ground from rain and foot traffic, as well as a waterproof covering for protecting assets on site.

Heavily durable, tear-proof and suitable for use in wet weather – Eco Polythene can be used for just about any purpose, inside or outside.

Prepare for adverse weather – check out the weather forecast ahead of time and don’t get caught out in the rain!

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