Tri-Shield Floor Protection Guide

Floor protection is an extremely wide term, and can apply to various applications and requirements. In this floor protection guide, we aim to simplify this for you, and offer some help and tips on how best to protect floors against costly, and avoidable damages.

Whether on a construction project or at home, protection of the floor is often the main concern in regard to damage when carrying out works. The aim will usually be to protect against foot traffic, plant, dirt, debris, or a number of other factors. There are many different products available to protect carpets, hard surfaces, (such as vinyl and laminate or wooden flooring), as well as concrete floors both internally and externally.

Below are a few options and tips for optimum carpet and floor protection, and advice on the correct products to use:

Carpet Protection Film 

At Tri-Shield, we stock 3 different grades of carpet film:

Carpet Film – A standard duty product for domestic applications and low foot traffic.

Heavy Duty Carpet Film – A premium product for commercial applications and high foot traffic.

Carpet Film FR – A reverse wound solution for fast rollout, and is certified for use in high value commercial works. No applicator required, simply lay down and kick it out! 

Carpet protection film is the ultimate solution for peace of mind and the protection of carpets. It is the optimum product for ensuring that the product isn’t damaged during construction and renovation works. Compatible with most applicators, these products roll out, and stick to the carpet underneath, providing a a protective layer as a temporary protection method.

This product must be replaced in 4 weekly cycles, and is suitable for use on carpets only. If you are looking for something similar, but for hard floor or vinyl, there is an alternative solution.

Hard Surface Film

Hard Surface Floor

Hard surface protection film is available in 600mm x 100m rolls. It is suitable for application on hard, finished surfaces. It is very quick to cover, as well as being a fast rollout solution for large areas. This product will protect against dirt, foot traffic, dust and debris. It can also be used with the same applicator you would use with carpet film.

It isn’t suitable for use on carpet, as it works based on a mixture of static and a low tack adhesive, which makes it ideal for use on floors and even worktops/glass if required, however it won’t offer any tack when used on carpeted surfaces. Must be replaced in 4 weekly cycles.

You may think that this is a good solution, but it won’t offer much impact protection against things like exposure to heavy objects and plant. For that, we would offer Ram Board:

Ram Board

Ram Board is an extra heavy-duty, breathable, temporary floor protection solution.  It is engineered for contractors and is designed with cost and efficiency in mind. It rolls out fast, flat and in addition, it is re-usable. Exclusive Spill Guard technology protects floors against paint, water, mud, and more.

It protects all types of flooring surfaces. Hardwood floors, carpet, tile, concrete, linoleum, VCT, marble, laminate floors, as well as many others.

Unlike film protection products, it can be left down for the duration of a project due to it being non-adhesive, and offers significant impact protection due to being extra heavy duty. See our post about RAM Board to find out more about the range.

Tri-Breathe Flame Retardant

Tri Breathe Flame Retardant: re-use time and time again. A premium floor protection solution. Expansive coverage in a compact format; each roll contains 100m2 (1M x 100M) of protection. It is a fully certified, FR product which can be used on commercial projects, and allows floors to cure underneath due to the breathable nature of the material.

Suitable for use internally, or in applications that are also exposed to the elements, this spun bond polypropylene fabric is breathable in addition to being water-resistant. Water will run across the top of the material, as opposed to being absorbed by the fabric. This material allows for quick layout after floors and carpets have been installed.

Yellow Walkway Matting

Yellow Walkway Matting is a high quality, general purpose Hi-Vis rubber matting designed with a diamond pattern on one side and a cloth impression on the other. This product offers significant impact protection, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Effectively protect concrete floors using Yellow Walkway Matting. It is a non-adhesive product, and therefore can be kept in application for the full duration of works.

Use to create walkways against the backdrop of Covid19 and social distancing. Clearly mark out walking routes on site, to make crane operators aware of the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Finally, we have one more floor protection option, which is one of the most popular items in the range:

Tri-Board, are a versatile product that can be used to protect floors, carpets, and many other assets. Tri-Shield stock 3 variations of this product for protecting floors:

Tri-Board Black – A recycled floor protection solution, available in 2mm or 3mm grades

Tri-Board Recycled FR – A recycled flame retardant floor protection solution, available in a 2mm grade and is certified to Warrington Certifire TS63

Tri-Board Halogen Free FR A Halogen Free, flame retardant floor protection solution (harmful chemicals removed from manufacture), available in 3mm and 4mm grades, and is certified to LPS1207

This product is cost effective, easy to apply (advice on the correct tape is available on each product page), and is also a sustainable solution. Every variation of Tri-Board has something to offer, and the varying grades will offer higher or lower levels of impact protection depending on the specification. Leave down for the duration of works with no issues, and seal the edges with low tack tape.

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